Home Maintenance and Rental Ready Program

Home Maintenance/Rental Ready Program

Mid Florida Home Repairs offers home owners in the state and out of state a way to maintain their rental property. We call it our HOME MAINTENANCE/RENTAL READY PROGRAM. We offer our services to those of you who need little odds and ends done on a rental property while a renter is living in the property as well as when the property is vacant.

When a renter moves out and leaves you with a dirty house and holes in the walls you can call us to handle your repairs and cleaning needs. Our goal is to give you the quickest turnover rate on your rental. We can have the house back in renting condition in as little as a week depending on the situation. And once a renter is back in the property we can up keep the property when ever need be.

Our services for this program include our handyman/home repair skills as well as many others such as cleaning, carpet cleaning, and Lawn Service.

We also work hand in hand with a great PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY if you can't find a renter. (Let them do the work)